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Has your insurance company put your personal information at risk?

You, like most other North Carolina residents, likely have many accounts with various companies for numerous services. You may conduct actions with those accounts solely online, or you may have reason to visit brick-and-mortar establishments to discuss your information and your accounts with in-person professionals. Whatever the case, you likely dispel a great deal of personal information with these accounts, even if you do not fully realize it.

Though you may feel trusting of the accounts you create with your insurance company or other institutions, your information may not always remain safe. Unfortunately, data breaches can occur, and even the most prestigious businesses could face negative impacts. Additionally, your personal identity could be at risk. If you discover that such a breach has occurred with your insurance company, you may wish to take the following steps.

Discover stolen information

The type of information taken could impact the severity of the situation. If your street address, phone number or name was all that the hackers obtained, you may not have much to worry about. However, if the hackers obtained more sensitive information, such as email addresses, dates of birth, financial information or Social Security number, you could face a serious risk for identity theft and subsequent negative impacts.

Make new passwords

Though you may hope that your passwords will keep out unwanted intruders, most individuals use passwords that do not create much of a stronghold. If you have an online account with your insurance company, you may want to change your passwords immediately and ensure that they incorporate letters, symbols and numbers to help strengthen the passwords. Additionally, you should attempt to use a different password for all accounts.

Contact necessary institutions

If the data breach resulted in your financial information being compromised, you may want to contact the applicable financial institutions in order to cancel credit cards and explain that your account information may be compromised due to a data breach. This may allow the institution to keep a lookout for suspicious account activity. If your Social Security number is at risk, you may want to contact the credit reporting agencies, the IRS and the Federal Trade Commission.

Explore legal options

Because you put your trust in your insurance company to protect your information, they may be liable for the damages you suffer due to their data breach. Therefore, you may wish to consider filing a legal claim against the company or joining any class-action suits that may already be established in relation to the event that negatively impacted you.

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