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Don’t Get Hacked!

From digital companies like Yahoo to health insurance giants like Anthem, today it seems as if no company, organization or entity is immune from hackers who steal the personal identifying information of unsuspecting customers, clients, patients, subscribers and donors.

In an effort to protect data and thwart hackers’ efforts, businesses, nonprofits and governments are investing billions of dollars in cyber security. Unfortunately, today’s hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated in the methods and technologies they employ to identify and exploit systematic vulnerabilities.

The increasing number and scope of these data breaches is alarming, leaving many people to feel as though they are completely powerless and that it’s only a matter of time before their personal information is stolen and used.

Thankfully, there are steps that the average U.S. citizen can take to protect their personal identifying information from being hacked.

3 Ways To Protect Your Information From Hackers

  1. Disable Remote-Image Loading — If you’ve ever opened an email from an unknown or suspicious address, you essentially revealed to the sender that your email address is valid and where you are located. That’s because hackers embed these spam emails with tiny one-by-one pixel images. By turning off your computer’s remote-image loading, you can prevent hackers from verifying and obtaining this information.
  2. Become A Big Fan Of Two-Factor Authentication — In addition to your normal password, it’s wise to enable sites where you enter personal or financial information to allow two-factor authentication. This effectively prevents hackers who may have been able to obtain your password from accessing your account and stealing more important information.
  3. Beware Free WiFi Hotspots — Hackers routinely establish remote wireless networks and give them enticing names like “free wifi” to lure users who are stranded in public spaces without internet. Don’t fall for this trick as doing so allows a hacker to quickly gain access to and steal information from your computer.

Millions of Americans have been the victims of data breaches where personal identifying information like Social Security numbers, login credentials, credit card and bank account numbers and health records are stolen. In addition to ensuring that the companies you do business with take measures to protect your privacy and data, it’s also important for consumers to take action to defend against hackers.

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