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Act By Feb. 26th - Your Voice Is Needed To Help Raise Trucking Insurance Limits

Do you ride on the highway where there are tractor trailers, commercial buses and commercial trucks? Do you have a truck driver in your family who is daily traveling the public highways?  Did you know that those who are injured in a trucking or bus accident, including drivers of these vehicles, almost never get a full recovery?

As established in 1980, the minimum liability coverage for interstate trucking and bus companies is $750,000.  Yes, this minimum policy requirement was set in 1980 and has not been increased since the Reagan Administration.  if you adjusted this minimum for the rate of inflation of medical expenses, the minimum policy limits should be over $4 million!  With many companies maintaining only the required minimum, seriously injured victims often receive recovery that does not cover their medical bills, much less lost wages and other non-economic damages.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has pending a proposal to raise the interstate truck and bus minimum insurance coverage to adjust for inflation, and then to adjust it every 4 years thereafter. As you might expect, the trucking and bus industry is voicing strong opposition. But if the policy limits are increased, then insurance companies will be forced to do better vetting of the companies they insure to make sure the trucking and bus companies are operating safely. The trucking companies will either operate safely in order to get insurance or not operate at all.

What can you do? Send a comment to the FMCSA by clicking here.  Tell the FMCSA that you want to feel safe when driving on this country's highways and that the increase to the trucking insurance policy minimums is long overdue.  When outdated liability policy minimums are inadequate, ultimately the burden of payment for injuries shifts away from the party at fault and to victims, their families, Medicare - and ultimately to taxpayers.  Tell the FMCSA it is time to make a change.

The deadline is February 26th - so act NOW!

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