Going Shopping Can Hurt Your Identity

Normally the only thing you have to worry about when you go shopping or go out to eat is how big of a hit your wallet is going to take. Unfortunately, new developments in data protection practices around the globe force us to think about things we never had to think about previously.

One of those things is a data breach occurring where we shop or eat.

Your credit card information along with any other identifying information held by your retailer is now in the hands of someone nefarious. Why? Because the retailer failed to do what was necessary to protect your sensitive personal information, sensitive personal information they forced you to give them in the first place. The consequences of having your credit card information stolen can last for years.

How Do You Make This All Stop?

At the Law Office Jean Sutton Martin, we devote an entire practice to this important and emerging area. Our clients turn to us because they know they can depend on the more than 18 years of experience held by our firm's founding lawyer, Jean Sutton Martin. We serve clients throughout all of North Carolina, including the Wilmington area.

Our firm's knowledge includes extensive experience in a wide variety of high-profile consumer protection matters. That experience includes work in other data breach cases such as those involving the health care and insurance industries.

As a result of that experience, our firm understands how these consumer protection cases work. Because we know how the law works, we understand how the law develops. For that reason, we can advise you intelligently as to all of your options in this situation, even where the law may be unclear.

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