Has Your Health Care Information Been Stolen?

Many people these days are uneasy when filling out hospital forms or when providing information for other health-related causes. They do so, however, because they trust the hospital to protect that information.

Unfortunately, your trust was not rewarded. Instead, your hospital allowed unauthorized access to your most sensitive personal information.

Do you know how much this damage will cost you? Has your identity already been stolen? Where do you even start your effort to fix things?

Let the Law Office of Jean Sutton Martin help you. Attorney Martin brings more than 18 years of experience as a lawyer to this developing area of law.

Why Does Experience Matter?

Our years of experience give you a particular benefit when dealing with your rights in a data breach case. We also help clients who have been harmed by data breaches in the retail and insurance industries. We also represent employees whose personal information has been disclosed by their employer without permission.

Knowing the law also means knowing how the law works, how judges view certain cases and how the strategies used by defense attorneys. We have that knowledge from years of dealing with a variety of serious consumer protection cases.

For that reason, we can give you the information you need about your options so you can make an intelligent decision about how to proceed with your case. However you decide to move forward, you will know you are depending on the seasoned legal judgment of a professional.

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