Has A Business Failed To Protect Your Identity?

As you know all too well, the problem of identity theft is real and it is here to stay. With that problem come new ways for businesses to hurt us. One of those new ways is the failure of a business to properly protect your personal information.

Today's internet-connected universe requires the constant transmission of a variety of identity-marked pieces of information: Social Security numbers, birth date, mother's maiden name, your favorite childhood teacher, the list goes on and on.

For that reason, the law today expects a certain level of care on the part of those businesses that collect and maintain that information. As a society, we understand how dangerous that information can be in the wrong hands.

Have You Been Victimized By A Data Breach? Let Us Help You.

So, when a business fails in its duty to protect your information, you may have a right to recover your losses against that company. To learn about your rights and what options you might have in this situation, you can turn to us here at the Law Office of Jean Sutton Martin.

We work with clients whose information has been subject to a data breach in a wide variety of industries, including:

Because this area of law is still new and developing, you can rest confident knowing that attorney Martin holds more than 18 years of experience as a lawyer. As a result, she understands the law, how it works and how it develops. That seasoned legal judgment means she can advise you intelligently about your rights even when the law that applies to your situation might be gray.

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