When Medications Lead To Injuries

From the initial doctor visit through diagnoses, prescriptions and healing, there are a lot of mistakes that can be made throughout the course of medical treatment. However, an error as egregious and avoidable as fulfilling a prescription with the wrong medication is unacceptable. If you have suffered from a serious illness or lost someone you love because a pharmacy filled the wrong prescription, make sure you work with an attorney who not only cares about your case but also has the experience and knowledge to protect your rights and help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

At the Law Office of Jean Sutton Martin, we represent clients and their families who have suffered from wrong medication, dangerous drugs and other forms of pharmacy negligence. From our home office in Wilmington, North Carolina, we can help you if your pharmacy has mis-filled your prescription. With attorney Martin's more than 18 years of experience and exclusive focus on a limited range of medication and medical device cases, we are uniquely positioned and prepared to handle your legal matter effectively and efficiently. Our entire team is dedicated to providing every client with exceptional service and personalized care.

We make every effort to remain available to our clients throughout their legal matter. After suffering from a medication error or losing someone you love, you are facing serious challenges. We will represent you with professionalism and compassion.

Detailed Research And Case Preparation

When dealing with legal matters involving illness, one of the challenges is determining whether an illness was indeed caused by someone else's negligence. Complications can arise in terms of illnesses that could have resulted from a different cause as well as in establishing definitively that the pharmacy made a mistake. These efforts require experience, knowledge and diligence.

As a lawyer with experience handling this type of matter, Jean Sutton Martin takes great pains to research our clients' cases and to establish pharmaceutical negligence. We will research all the evidence to bolster your case, and we will create a sound litigation strategy to help protect your interests in the courtroom.

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