Did You Suffer Harm After Taking An Over-The-Counter Medication?

Although most of us take over-the-counter drugs frequently, there are significant dangers involved. Some medications we take regularly come with increased risk of serious injuries and illnesses. If you have suffered an illness or injury from over-the-counter drugs, attorney Martin can help.

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We Know How To Handle Drug Injury Cases

Stevens-Johnson syndrome is one of the more common, and catastrophic, consequences of over-the-counter drugs. Symptoms can include flu-like symptoms, hives and a burning feeling. Stevens-Johnson syndrome commonly results from overdosing of common over-the-counter drugs.

In addition to Stevens-Johnson syndrome, over-the-counter drugs can cause heart and blood pressure problems, muscle issues and a range of other complications. After suffering serious illnesses or injuries as a result of taking over-the-counter drugs, talk to a lawyer who can help you work through the process of obtaining compensation.

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