What Are Your Next Steps?

Suffering from a serious complication caused by dangerous medication can change your life forever. If you have suffered a stroke, heart problems or other related health issues, or lost someone you love as a result of dangerous medication, attorney Martin and our legal team can help you.

At the Law Office of Jean Sutton Martin, we serve clients throughout the area of Wilmington, North Carolina, who have suffered strokes and heart problems from dangerous drugs. With more than 18 years of legal experience as a lawyer, Jean Sutton Martin focuses exclusively on helping clients with medical complications from dangerous drugs and medical devices. Our entire team shares this focus, as well as her commitment to treating each client with compassion and care. We will walk you personally through every aspect of your case and represent your interests aggressively in settlement negotiations and courtroom litigation.

Strokes and heart problems are often caused by medications that include:

  • Pain medication: Both prescription and over-the-counter painkillers can result in heart attacks, strokes and other related issues.
  • Testosterone supplements: Some studies indicate that the risk for heart problems, stroke and death for men with low testosterone increases as much as 25 percent with testosterone supplements.
  • Any drug that can cause blood clots: Blood flow and heart functioning are closely related, so any drug that increases the risk of blood clots also increases your risk for cardiovascular problems.

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One of the most significant problems of dangerous drug complications is that most people have no idea what to do next. Since we offer free consultations, you can talk with an experienced lawyer without cost or obligation. We also take cases on contingency, which means you will not pay any fees until we win your case.

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