Ripped Off By A Bank Or Company?

The Law Office of Jean Sutton Martin can help you fight back against businesses that took your money unfairly and illegally. We represent consumers who have been the victims of false or deceptive advertising and unfair corporate practices. These types of cases can include:

· Banks charging excessive fees

· Lawn and Garden equipment failing to work

· Products and services not performing as advertised

When RushCard and Green Dot prepaid debit card holders were locked out of their accounts, we were the first to take action. We sought immediate and fair compensation for those victims who were not able to pay everyday living expenses because they had no access to their funds.

Litigation involving DraftKings and FanDuel has made headlines throughout the news and sports worlds and we have been in it from the beginning. People now understand the degree to which their money is put at risk by these online gaming businesses allowing employees to play using insider information. Inside information, in other words, is not just for bankers and investors anymore.

We regularly work with other attorneys in consumer class-action matters and handle a variety of newly developing legal areas, including lawsuits against companies like for-profit universities and financial institutions.

You Can Depend On Us For Efficient And Effective Legal Services

We add more than 18 years of experience in consumer matters to your legal team. For that reason, our firm already understands how to hit the ground running and begin contributing from the start. Our seasoned legal judgment involves more than just knowing the law; it involves knowing how the law really works when it comes to often-overlooked details key to building a successful case.

If you are like other law firms seeking our assistance, you want your team to be able to deliver well-written pleadings on a time-sensitive basis. You also want to expand your capacity for detailed assessment and analysis of documents that demand more than just run-of-the-mill attention. We make it our job to help you do exactly that.

Fight Back Against Consumer Fraud

You can contact our firm by calling 800-678-6612 to learn more about how we can help your firm deliver superior legal representation. You can also reach us online if you prefer. We work with lawyers throughout the Wilmington area, all of North Carolina and across the country.