Were You Sold A Worthless Education?

For-profit universities are coming under scrutiny for offering less than what they promise. The government is finally listening to what students from across the country have known now for years. Programs are often cancelled before completion or students graduate with a mound of debt and a certificate or diploma that cannot get them a job.

Those students might be thinking they have no recourse against these for-profit schools, but they do.

The Law Office of Jean Sutton Martin dedicates an entire area of its practice to class-action representation of clients in a variety of areas including those cases involving discriminatory student loans and for-profit universities. In doing so, we work with attorneys from here in North Carolina (including the Wilmington area) as well as from around the country.

We make it a point to offer our services to clients and attorneys facing cases in new and emerging areas of law. Our team understands the unique skills and arguments involved in litigating cases where the law is still developing.

Committed To Helping Other Firms Deliver Superior Legal Representation

Our firm's founder, attorney Martin, holds more than 18 years of experience as a lawyer. In that time, she has handled a wide variety of consumer cases on behalf of her own clients and for attorneys retaining her firm to expand their capacity for handling consumer class actions.

Attorneys from around the country look to our firm for these services because they know we can deliver the experience, quality and bandwidth they need to oppose motions to dismiss, for instance. They also know we understand the unique need for detailed review and analysis of large volumes of documents in consumer class actions.

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