Holding Auto Manufacturers Accountable

At the Law Office of Jean Sutton Martin, we regularly work with lawyers in the Wilmington area, throughout North Carolina and from around the country to hold accountable auto manufacturers who put their bottom line above the well-being of the public good. Like those attorneys, you can rely on us with confidence to provide them with the expanded legal capacity they need to pursue consumer class-action cases involving:

  • Auto defects
  • Peeling Paint
  • Seat belts
  • Air bags
  • Auto parts

What Do We Offer Attorneys?

Our firm puts more than 18 years of experience in consumer matters into every case it handles. For that reason, you know you can depend on us to deliver superior document assessment and effective time-sensitive legal writing. We know how to build successful briefs opposing motions to dismiss, for instance.

We handle consumer class actions in a variety of areas involving emerging and uncertain areas of law. These cases include data breaches and fraud cases against for-profit universities. As a result, we hold the kind of confident legal judgment you need on your team for thorough and decisive discovery work and pleadings.

The attorneys we work with know they are getting service from a law firm that understands how to build successful arguments in contested areas of law involving defective consumer products. We can step right in and form an important part of any attorney's legal team.

Learn More About How We Can Help You

We welcome inquiries from attorneys wanting to fill out their class-action team with reliable legal resources. Contact us online or by calling us: 800-678-6612.